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Stephen Ministry equips lay-people to provide one-to-one Christian care to people in our congregation and community  who are experiencing difficulties in their lives. 

Stephen ministers

caring for people facing tough times

We all experience challenges in life, times when we could benefit from care and support.  Stephen Ministers can provide the emotional  and spiritual care we need.  A Stephen Minister is . . .

> A child of God who walks beside someone who is hurting

> A congregational member who is carefully selected to serve

> A layperson  with 50 hours of training in providing quality Christian care

> A caring Christian friend who listens, prays, supports, &  encourages

> Someone who meets faithfully with his or her care receiver


life's challenges

> Loss of a loved one

> Hospitalization

>  Divorce or separation

>  Loneliness/discouraged

> Spiritual crisis

> Unemployment/job crisis

> Chronic/terminal illness

> Aging

how to support

> Pray for God to bring hope & healing

> Accept care from a Stephens Minister

> Tell others in need about Stephens Ministry

> Consider becoming a Stephens Minister

stephen leaders


- Angleen Trasmer

- Bob Yeager

- or Pastor Howe

if you need Stephen Ministry support or if interested in becoming a Stephen Minister