adult bible classes

Saturday Evenings 5:00-5:45 PM

Topic:  Lutheran Spiritual Series - The Cross
Leader:  Keith Dierking
Location:  Fellowship Hall, Classroom #1
Target Audience:  All Adults
Description: In this study, you'll unpack what Scripture has to say about afflictions in the life of the Christian, that is, the cross we will endure in various shapes and sizes, not even though, but because we are Christians.

Sunday Mornings 9:30-10:30 AM

Location:  Fellowship Hall
Leader:  Pastor Andrew
Description:   In this Bible study, participants will explore what it means to be the church.  What was Christ's plan for His faithful followers?  In addition to understanding the mission of the church, this class will also explore HOW God intends His church to function as a living body with Christ as our head.

Topic #2: JOSHUA
Location:  Fellowship Hall, Classroom #1
Leader:  Pastor Pete

Description:  In this study, Pastor Pete will lead participants through a study of the stories and lessons to be learned from the book of Judges.  There are a lot of amazing characters in Judges (Ehud, Deborah, Gideon, and Samson to name a few).  What do their stories have in common and what lessons can we take from their experiences to help us grow as Children of God?  Come join us!


Location:  Fellowship Hall, Classroom #2
Leader: Don Netzinger
Description:  In this Bible class, participants look at deeper Biblical truths for life with the help of Peanuts comic strips.

First Wednesday of Each Month, 9:30 am

Morning Glories Group

Location: Conference Room
Info: This is a women's Bible study group.  For more information, contact Pat Aldredge @ (478) 988-8446.

Thursdays at 10:00 am

Thursday Morning Ladies Bible Class

Location: Fellowship Hall, Classroom #1

Info:  This class is led by the ministry staff for women of the congregation.  Join them for discussion, insightful lessons, and uplifting prayer time!  The Bible study is currently Paul's first letter to the Corinthians.

Sunday Evenings at 8:30 pm

Young Adult Bible Study & Fellowship

Location: 413 Erin Way, Warner Robins GA 31088

Leader: Pastor Pete
Info: This group is designed for any young adult, post high school and under the age of 30, who are looking for opportunities to connect for Bible Study and social activities.