In order that our church may operate effectively and efficiently, the church Constitution has provided for 9 boards consisting of volunteer members of the congregation. These boards have specific tasks to accomplish to help fulfill the mission of Mount Calvary Lutheran Church. Here is a list of the Boards, and a synopsis of what part of God’s work that they accomplish:

Board of Elders

  1. Support the Pastors in all worship concerns.
  2. Address any doctrinal concerns of the church.
  3. Provide elder oversight for all worship services to assist and to handle problems, e.g. power outages, nursery emergencies, security, etc.
  4. Provide Liturgical support when needed.
  5. Support the ushers, e.g. help arrange for substitutes, etc.
  6. Fill in for persons in leadership as needed.
  7. Guide and nurture our church families and individuals.
  8. Minister to the needs of assigned families and individuals.
  9. Provide lay ministry support as needed (e.g. lead prayer or provide substitute preaching when necessary)

Board of Assimilation

  1. Help members become part of the Mount Calvary Church family.
  2. The Recorded Ministry — We record the audio portion of our services and make them available for our shut-ins to hear.
  3. The Greeter Ministry — We pre-schedule volunteers to assure that a friendly welcome is given prior to all our services.
  4. New Member Orientation — We provide information packets and provide a slide presentation about our church to new members.
  5. The Roving Greeter Ministry — We pre-schedule volunteers to circulate before and after services offering greetings and welcoming new faces.
  6. New Member Sponsors — We provide new members with “sponsors” to help them to remain comfortable as they become part of our church family.
  7. Christ Care Groups — We provide Christ Care leadership training and encourage members to join one of our many small groups.
  8. We provide name badges to help our members who may not be “good with names” to become better acquainted
  9. We provide a picture board, which many members find useful for helping build relationships within the congregation.

Board of Christian Education

  1. Plan curricula for Sunday morning Bible studies for all ages.
  2. Children’s Ministry — Plan movie night for children
  3. Wednesday Night Programs — Plan for activities (games/singing/crafts/puppet shows) and Bible stories for the children, and adult Bible study topics for adults, with dinner provided for all participants prior to the activities.
    Cradle Roll — (for baptized children up to 3 years): Volunteers send information to parents regarding their child’s spiritual development and what they can do to foster happy, healthy Christian children who know and love the Lord.
  4. Oversee nursery operations and provide parents a handbook of nursery services.
  5. Toddler Totes — These are packets containing books, crayons, quiet toys, etc. assembled to help parents keep little ones quiet as a way to ease them into the worship setting.
  6. Puppet Ministry — Plan, script, and perform brief puppet plays to be used in conjunction with the adult scripture lesson to convey the Gospel message on a level that the children can better understand.
  7. Plan and sponsor the annual Book Fair and maintain the Church Library
  8. Oversee the Mt. Calvary Church Work Scholarship Program.
  9. Host the annual receptions for all school graduates, and also for the graduating Confirmation Class.
  10. Arrange for the Confirmation group photograph each spring.
  11. Plan for and execute the children’s Christmas Program.
  12. Scripture Memory/Sonshine Store — Scripture memorization program where Bible verses, the Creeds, Books of the Bible, etc. are learned in short, easy segments. Points are earned for hard work, and periodically children can “purchase” items from the “Sonshine Store” (e.g., pencils, dolls, erasers, up to CD players) depending on the number of points earned.

Board of Outreach

  1. Nursing Home Ministry — Volunteers share their time and God’s love with people in area nursing home facilities.
  2. Monday Night Callers — Members visit and share God’s Good News with those who have an interest in our church.
  3. Cookie Bakers — Volunteers provide baked goods for Monday Night Callers to offer as a good well gesture to families and persons they visit.
  4. Booties for Babies — People who crochet booties for newborn babies
  5. Evangelism Explosion – Volunteers learn how to share the Gospel with others (in conjunction with Monday Night Callers
  6. Friend’s Day – Sponsor a specific Sunday to have the congregation invite non-church-going friends to church.
  7. Publicity – Responsible for Mount Calvary Lutheran Church publicity including signs and advertising.
  8. Community Survey – An annual event
  9. Assemble and distribute visitor’s packets containing church information to new visitors

Board of Fellowship

  1. Promote fellowship among our members outside of the worship service setting, giving them opportunities to get to know their brothers and sisters in Christ, including all of the following functions.
  2. The annual Valentine Dinner, a chance for couples to have a night out among other Christians of our faith.
  3. Annual church picnic (dubbed “Pignic”, as we often have a barbequed pig as part of the available cuisine.)
  4. Annual Christmas Progressive Dinner
  5. Planning for special event celebrations, such as surprise dinners for staff, welcome dinners or meals for new called staff, or planning for special guests, etc.
  6. Prepare coffee and coffee cakes and/or cookies for fellowship after services.

Board of Social Ministry

  1. Prepare food given and funded by the congregation into baskets to be given to needy persons in our community at Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas
  2. Regular visits to those in our congregation who are ill.
  3. Provide meals in situations of need including “shut-ins,” families of those who have a family member in the hospital, or for families who have had a recent death of one of their family.
  4. Provide transportation for members who have a difficult time finding a way to get to church or to doctor’s appointments.
  5. The “Angel Tree,” a ministry providing gifts at Christmas to nursing homes, and to area needy children.
  6. Provide physical and spiritual welfare for all people created by God and redeemed by Christ.
  7. Provide an example for the congregation and stimulate all to love their fellow man.
  8. Encourage congregational members to cultivate an alertness to the needs which call for our help.

Board of Stewardship

  1. Receive monthly reports from the Financial Secretary.
  2. Assist in orientation of new members, especially regarding full stewardship life.
  3. Plan, develop and conduct an ongoing educational program on Stewardship with the help of the Board of Education to encourage Christian giving and proper use of talents.
  4. Supervise special funds within the congregation.

Board of Trustees

  1. Maintenance and upkeep of all facilities and grounds.
  2. Maintenance of current inventory of all physical assets.
  3. Purchase and repair of all equipment and physical assets.
  4. Provide and budget for protection of all assets and facilities by purchasing adequate insurance coverage.

Youth Board

  1. Support planning and coordination of youth group activities that meet the spiritual growth and development of the junior youth grades 6-8 & senior youth grades 9-12
  2. Work with the church staff to grow, develop and enhance our youth programs.
  3. Provide support, guidance and mentoring for youth.
  4. Adult representatives are available to listen, participate and support youth and their activities. These spiritual servants keep an open heart and an open mind. Our Youth Mission Statement:
    “Not let anyone look down on us because we are young, but to set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity. This we do to prepare a way for the Lord and make straight paths for Him so that all mankind can be shown God’s salvation.”
    (Based on I Timothy 4:12; Luke 3)