Evangelism Explosion is an international discipleship training ministry. The first Christian ministry reaching out in every country of the world. EE serves churches in numerous denominations in more than one hundred languages by providing training in evangelism and discipleship for thousands of lay people and pastors.

At the heart of this ministry is the presentation of the gospel. There is a simple outline that has been used to bring literally millions of people to a saving faith in Jesus Christ. Trainees in the Evangelism Explosion program at Mount Calvary Lutheran are paired with experienced instructors. Every Monday, for a period of thirteen weeks, the group meets for a short devotional session. After this, visitation teams that include experienced instructors and trainees visit the homes of people who have visited our church during the prior weekend.

Initially, the instructors, using the simple gospel outline, do most of the talking. As the trainee learns and becomes more comfortable with the outline, he or she begins to present the gospel. Each trainee only moves as fast in the course as he or she is comfortable doing. By the end of the thirteen weeks, each trainee has learned the gospel outline and has had a chance to present the good news of the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

After the visits, the instructors and trainees come back together. There is a short classroom session for the trainees and then the visitation teams share their experiences from their visits. The goal of Evangelism Explosion is to train believers so they can effectively and comfortably share the gospel and make each believer a more effective witness for Jesus Christ.