SLDT01As the Director of Christian Education, I feel that an essential part of the Youth Ministry here at Mount Calvary is to equip and encourage youth as leaders as they learn to use their gifts in ministry.  The Student Leadership Development Team (SLDT) is the tool to accomplish this task.  I feel that: Involvement in leadership gives youth a sense that they are making a difference; Training for leadership develops skills equips youth for lifelong ministry; Holding responsibility for leadership lets the youth feel they are making the major decisions; and Handling leadership responsibility develops character.  There will be a variety of positions within the SLDT for high school students who are interested in serving the Lord and other youth in ministry.  –  DCEPete

Student Leadership Development Team Goals:

We believe that high school Christians should beSLDT02

  • Growing In Their Faith – therefore, we will strive to be regularly involved in worship and study as well as spending time with God in Prayer and Devotions daily!
  • Concerned For The Lost – therefore, we will focus on reaching out to youth with the good news of Jesus Christ.
  • Informed – therefore, we will spend time studying tools of Youth Ministry, trends in the church, and methods of effective leadership.
  • Articulate – therefore we will work at how to present Jesus Christ attractively and convincingly to both members and visitors.
  • Compassionate – therefore, we will be involved in programs that meet peoples’ needs (Servant Events, Service Projects, Elementary Ministry, and Retirement Ministry).
  • Supportive – therefore, we will work at building a strong Christian community.
  • Responsible – therefore, we will hold each other accountable for what we have committed to.


Youth apply to serve on SLDT for a period of six months.  At the end of their term they can re-apply if they so choose.  The ONLY deciding factor in applications being accepted is that youth have been actively attending worship and TAG activities.  Each SLDT session begins with a training/planning retreat that helps to set the direction for the rest of the session.  Sessions begin in February and July and applications are available a month before the deadline.