We are planning to begin our tutoring ministry on Tuesday, September 5th.

Based on our experiences from last year we have made a few changes to RG@MC we would like to share with you.

  • We are limiting our enrolment to 35 children so tutors can have more manageable tutoring groups.
  • We will only be servicing Shirley Hills & Russell Elementary schools (no Middle Schools).
  • We will be ending at 6:30 every week.

We had a great first year but we still need your help to continue this ministry to the children in our own back-yard!

Basic ways you can support Rebecca’s Garden @ Mount Calvary:

  • Keep this ministry in your prayers each day that God provide leadership, tutors, & families to minister to.
  • Make and serve a meal or two.
  • Help with facilities & maintenance once a month or so.

Ways you can support Rebecca’s Garden @ Mount Calvary that require a weekly commitment:

  • Help as a tutor / mentor.
  • Help as a driver on.
  • Help keep records of attendance and for encouragement and rewarding RG@MC participants.

Ways you can support Rebecca’s Garden @ Mount Calvary if you want to jump in with both feet!

  • Serving on the RG@MC board. Board members will coordinate and provide support and encouragement for all the volunteers in their department.


Talk to Pete LeBorious or Karen Harmon if you would be willing to help out with RG@MC in any capacity.