January 2018

Days Are Getting Longer: This is the time of year where we begin to get daylight back. Each day the sun comes up a little earlier and sets a little later. Too bad this additional light does not give us more actual time. We still have a range of commitments between work and our families that make us long for a “longer” day. But here is something new to try for January: Do LESS, sit down as a family (or with your spouse if your kids are younger) and set your priorities. Determine how much time each priority takes and eliminate the things that are NOT CENTRAL to what you value. Taking time to really look at what occupies our time with a critical eye can really help us find extra time in our day. (One note: While I will never presume to tell you how to manage your family’s schedule, I would suggest making (1) Faith development and (2) At least 5 meals together a week towards the top of your priority list.)

Classes Resume:

Christian Education Hour will resume on Sunday, January 7th at 9:30.

Wednesday Night Fellowship & Christian Education will resume on January 10th with dinner at 5:30 and classes beginning at 6:15.

Memory: Beginning in January, children will be encouraged to participate in memorizing Bible passages. Memory books with various length passages will be available Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Children will receive SonShine Shop Bucks for memory work recited.

Facebook Group: I am thankful for your replies and “attending” notifications on Mount Calvary’s Family Ministry page. I do plan to be putting helpful family devotional ideas on there from time to time. Hopefully starting in January.

SonShine Shop: Children can earn “Bucks” by attending, reciting memory passages, and bringing friends. The Sonshine Shop will be open the 4th Sunday of the month between early service and 9:30.

Vacation Bible School: Pete is looking to recruit a team to help plan and run our VBS this summer. If you are interested in joining, please let him kno