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Rev. David C. Brighton

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Pastor David Brighton has been at Mount Calvary since January of 1999. Pastor Brighton previously served congregations in Omaha, NE and Parkersburg, WV. He was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, the oldest of four children born to Dr. Carl and Ruth Brighton. Pastor did his undergraduate work at Valparaiso University in Indiana, graduating with a history degree and received his Master of Divinity degree from Concordia Seminary in St. Louis in 1982. He did some graduate studies at Fuller Theological Seminary from 1987-1994. He currently serves the Florida-Georgia District as its First Vice-President and serves on the Lutheran Services of Georgia Board of Directors as well.

Pastor Brighton met his future wife, Marcia, on his vicarage at Our Savior Lutheran Church in Raleigh, NC. They were married in 1982 and have five adult children: Michelle, Emily, Jonathan, Benjamin, and Elizabeth. Marcia, a registered nurse, served as a nurse in the Houston County School system for 12 years, and is currently active with Georgia Right to Life.

Pastor Brighton is a big St. Louis Cardinals baseball fan, he enjoys sports of all types, especially playing on the church softball team, and loves music as well. He plays the piano and guitar.

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Mr. Pete LeBorious

Director of Christian Education
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Pete LeBorious, the Director of Christian Education, has been in Youth Ministry for over 20 years and has served the community of Warner Robins at Mount Calvary the past seven. While the primary focus of his ministry is Youth, he also develops, supports, and works with leaders within the Children’s Ministry, College Ministry, and Adult Small Group Ministry.

His  ministry at Mount Calvary is blessed and supported by his wife, Sonja, who helps teach Middle School Bible History as well as keep his family running.  That is no small task with five sons going in various directions.   Their oldest is a sophomore in college, next they have two at HoCo (one a Senior and the other a Junior), and the twins round out their family (They are in 7th grade a Mossy Creek).

Pete loves telling stories. He feels they are a great way to connect lessons to our daily lives, but also believes they are an important tool in getting to know people.  He would love to share some stories from our ministry here at Mount Calvary with you AND would love to hear some of your stories as God blesses him with an opportunity to get to know you better.

Email: dcepete91@gmail.com
Phone: (478) 922-1418

Mr. Tim Jacobsmeyer

Director of Music
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The son of a Lutheran pastor, Tim Jacobsmeyer grew up surrounded by the music of the church. He loved singing as a child and enjoyed being a part of the children’s choirs and musical programs at his church and Christian day school.

At age 12, he began taking piano lessons and soon was accompanying the singing in Sunday School and Vacation Bible School. He began playing “by ear” a few years later. In high school he started playing keyboards in bands.

He studied music at Texas Lutheran College in Seguin, Texas and at North Texas State University in Denton, Texas. In 1975, he began a 20 plus year professional career, playing in bands and as a solo act, traveling to many areas of the country.

Still active in the church and the music of the church, he began to work part time in the music ministry at First Lutheran Church in Clearwater, Florida. Eventually the musical work in the church began to replace the secular work. For the last 15 years he has served full time in the church, beginning as a Parish Assistant in the area of worship and music, to the position he held at his last parish and here at Mount Calvary as director of music.

Besides playing organ, piano, and keyboards at all the worship services he also writes music for the church. His musical “Rough Wood and Rusty Nails” has been part of Mount Calvary’s Christmas observance for the last three years.

He is married to Sandi Jacobsmeyer, has a daughter, Jessi Piacine, in Largo, Florida, and recently became a grandfather with the birth of Cecilia Maria Piacine.

Email: music-man@mountcalvaryga.org
Phone: (478) 922-1418

Vicar Brad Wellik

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Vicar Brad Wellik is a third year seminarian at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri.  The vicarage program allows one seminarian to spend the each year as a pastoral intern at our church to learn all aspects of ministry.  Some of the vicar’s activities include preaching, completing one large outreach project,  performing hospital visits, participating in Evangelism Explosion, teaching adult bible studies, and heavy involvement with the youth and children’s ministries.

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Phone: (478) 922-1418

Mr. Jack Knight

Church Secretary
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Jack Knight wound up in Warner Robins because his wife, Yvonne, got a job at Robins Air Force Base at the same time Jack retired from the Air Force after 30 years service. Jack had no plans of getting another job but, while his wife was away at a six-month long school, he agreed to bring the boys to church while she was gone. That first weekend, he saw a notice in the bulletin, asking for volunteer help in the church office “a few hours a day, a few days a week.” He thought he could handle that easily enough, so he let Pastor Michael know that he would do that. Pastor Michael asked Jack to fill him on his background and, after that interview, asked him if he’d take the job (for pay) until the current secretary, who was absent, returned. Figuring that, if he was going to do it for free, he might as well do it for money, Jack agreed. That was in January, 1995. Unfortunately, the former secretary was never able to return. Jack kept the post.

Jack’s mother was diagnosed with cancer later and he resigned to be able to get home to Texas and see her more often. His mother responded to treatment and Jack was available to sit in when his replacement, had to undergo surgery. When she decided not to return to the job, Pastor Brighton asked Jack if he would like his old job back, Jack said “Yes” and has been at it since.

Jack has twins, Jack and Theresa, and sons Joshua and Matthew, all children being “Air Force brats.” His wife, Yvonne, is retired from the Air Force Reserve and civil service at Robins Air Force Base.

Jack has a couple of Associate degrees and a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Information Technology. His only hobby is working with computers. He builds and upgrades them and helps member of the congregation when they have problems with their computers.

While in the Air Force, Jack worked as a radio operator, administrative specialist, computer programmer and first sergeant.

Email: office@mountcalvaryga.org
Phone: (478) 922-1418