Old ChurchcroppedOn January 13th, 1980, 13 people from Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Macon, GA met at the Steese home to begin plans for a Missouri Synod Lutheran Church in Warner Robins.  On May 18th the first service was held at the Christopher Smith Funeral Chapel in Warner Robins.  With interim Pastors and then with Pastor Robert Cochran, Mt Calvary continued to have services there for 3 years!

This was a small group of Christians that was ready to be led by God in forming this new church body.  But, they were probably not prepared to witness miracle after miracle!  They joyfully watched God’s plan unfold.  The property on Carl Vinson Parkway was purchased and the first building was completed in February of 1983.

Pastor Gerhard Old Santuary editMichael accepted a call to Mount Calvary and arrived in November of 1984.  Under his leadership Mount Calvary kept growing in numbers and ministries.  In 1987 an extension was added to the building, with offices and a kitchen.  In 1988, a call was extended to PastorEdward A. Meyer, retired, to serve as an Assistant Pastor.

In January of 1996, after much planning under Pastor Michael’s leadership, construction began on our beautiful, present sanctuary.  The faceted glass windows, which are unique to Mount Calvary were designed by Melinda Hopf.

In January of 1999, current pastor, Reverend David Brighton was called.  Since his arrival, an additional four staff members have been added.  Jerry Bisping, Director of Christian Outreach, arrived in January of 2000 (now retired).  Pete LeBorious, Director of Christian Education, arrived June of 2007.

Following the completion of the new sanctuary, the old church building was re-purposed for the children’s ministry.  An additional remodel took place in 2007 and 2008, making it the beautiful children’s haven it is today.

The building next door to the church, now called the Mount Calvary Annex, was purchased spring of 2001 and functioned as a second sanctuary for our praise and worship service.  It was remodeled in 2002-2003 and again 2011 and currently serves as a youth center.  The Annex is also used for community and fellowship events.

The office wing was remodeled in 2011 adding a conference room, replacing the old nursery.  A new nursery was added near the sanctuary.

Tim Jacobsmeyer, Director of Music joined the staff in September of 2011.  Most recently, Cynthia Nelson, took on the position of Director of Children’s Ministries in August of 2012.