Sunday Bible Class:  The High School meets every Sunday morning from 9:30-10:30 in the High School Room of the Annex for Bible Study.  The Sunday morning class focuses on spending time directly in books of the Bible and studies them one book at a time to explore what God’s Word has to say to Christians today.  They will be studying John during October.


TAG Nights:  The High School Youth meet on the first and third Sunday night of the month from 6:30-8:30 for what we call “TAG Night”.  TAG Nights begin with a time for youth to gather, snack, and talk with each other.  We then take some time to play a game (known as “stupid games”).  Following the game, we watch a short movie clip then break into small groups for Bible studies on a variety of topics relevant to teens today.


Wednesday Night Christian Fellowship & Education:  Wednesday evening activites are available for all ages while school is in session (August-May). Families are encouraged to simplify their lives on Wednesday and enjoy dinner at 5:30 in the Fellowship Hall (only $12 for a family).  The High School Class begins at 6:15 in the Annex.  Wednesday Night classes are topical and done in small groups discussion style.  Pete will be leading the high school class on an exploration of their faith and discussions about developing Godly relationships with both friends and the people they may choose to date!


Retreats:  The High School Youth have 3 retreats each school year.  Our retreats are designed to help youth get reconnected in faith and in their relationships with each other.  Each retreat includes team building games, Bible studies, worship, prayer partner time, and great meals.


Service Projects:  The High School Youth have a minimum of one service project every other month.  They range from baking cookies for shut-ins and singing in nursing homes to working at food banks and bringing groceries to needy families.  We have a blast while sharing the love of Christ.


Recreational Activities:  The High School Youth get together regularly for parties and other recreational events.  Check out the calendar or bulletin for more details