CM03Wednesday evening activites are available for all ages while school is in session (August-May). Fellowship begins with dinner for everyone at 5:30 in the fellowship Hall.  With a $12 family max this is a cheap and easy way to get to church AND have the family fed!  Classes begin at 6:15.  This fall children will be taking a look at how they can Know, Grow, and Show Christ-like character in their lives. Children sing, play, create, and learn every Wednesday night; they won’t want to miss it.

For the month of February, we will study about The Apostles Creed. We will study about how God cares for us and how we respond to His care. Next, we will learn about the humiliation of Jesus when he was conceived, born, suffered, died, and was buried. Then, we will learn about the exultation of Jesus when He descended to hell, rose, ascended, and sits at the right hand of God the Father to judge the living and the dead. Finally, we will learn about our redemption and atonement through the death of Jesus since He took all of our sins to the cross. We can then see how the Holy Spirit works in our lives and be witnesses of Jesus’ love to others around us.

Follow The Leader:  This ministry is for our children in Kindergarten – 5th grade.  While the format is similar to Sunday mornings, there is more time to move around, so we cover a different theme every week.  Wednesday Nights are dedicated to themes that help the children grow as disciples of Christ.

Music Time:  Children spend time learning songs with Mr. J – our music man.

Games:  We realize that the kids are tired of sitting all day in class, so we have a little bit of “recess” time for them to get out and play!

Movies:  Currently, we are using “Recess” cartoons to introduce each weeks lesson.  They are a great transition from game time to lesson time and have amazing lessons in them!

Lesson Time:  Once again, this is the tradition classroom setting where the student’s hear the teacher explain the lesson for the evening and discover what God’s Word has to say about the evening’s theme.

Crafts:  Kids love this time to create memories of each lesson as they make something for their room or their home.  Some of the projects are worked on for weeks, others are done in one night.  All of them are priceless!