Discipleship-U is the title we have given to our new approach to Adult Christian Education.  We wish to build on the strong history of Bible Study at Mount Calvary and develop a ministry that encourages Christians to grow in their faith as well as equip as disciples of Christ.  To do this, we are working on core classes of study for all our members to take within the five critical areas in the church. These core classes are just the framework for the other classes to build around and just the starting point for an exciting journey, as we all work to grow as disciples of an amazing God!

FIVE AREAS OF STUDY: As we develop our Adult Education curriculum into one that hopes to both teach and equip members for ministry, classes will fall into one of five areas of study:

Fellowship (FEL) These classes will look at the basics of the Christian Faith, Our Confessions, Caring for one another as the Body of Christ, and what Fellowship means.

Discipleship (DIS) These classes will explore Christian Disciplines like Bible Study and Prayer.  In addition, they will look at books of the Bible and what they have to say to Christian today.

Stewardship (STE) These classes are about far more then money. Christian Stewardship includes our work, family, children, recreational time, friendships, and every other thing God has so richly blessed us with.

Outreach (OUT) These classes focus on the great commission and how God has called the church to join Him to make disciples of all nations!

Worship (WOR) These classes will study worship from a variety of directions and help participants grow in their understanding of how God works through worship to fill us with His grace each and every week!

THREE LEVELS FOR STUDY: To help us move from just sitting and hearing God’s Word in Bible Class to becoming a people who have been equipped to live as God’s disciples through His Word, we will have three levels of classes to work through.

100 LEVEL These classes will be lead primarily by a teacher providing students with information in class. There will be little to no homework for participants.  These are basic classes just introducing us to God’s Word.

200 LEVEL These classes will begin to have participants DOING homework and study during the week to prepare for the class and apply each week’s lesson.

300 LEVEL These classes will be specific training for ministry. They will include EE training, Small Group Leaders Training, SS Teacher Training, and other more intensive classes. These classes will generally not be on Sunday mornings.