CM01Our Vision for Ministry:  Our vision for doing ministry with children reflects the vision of Mount Calvary.

Connecting People To Jesus:  Through worship, study, and prayer we encourage children to grow in their relationship with God as they come to know about God’s amazing love for them!

Connecting People to One Another:  Our Children’s Ministry works to create a place where children can come and be connected in a Christ-centered community, a place there they can belong.

To Serve The World:  Through offerings, crafts and an occasional trip we help our children see the world as a place they have been called to serve!

Philosophy of Education:  We believe that the primary purpose of our Christian instruction is to help children grow in their faith.  As part of this instructional process we strive to make them knowledgeable about Biblical History as well as how God calls us to live with one another.  To do this in the most effective way possible, we use what is known as the rotation model.  Within this model, children move through a series of different learning environments (lecture, videos, active, & creative) to learn the lesson in a variety of ways.  As a result, the children have a higher ability to remember what was taught within the lessons.  In addition to that, it is also a lot of fun!