Discipleship University:  Continuing Christian Education for Adults.

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Class Offerings October 2017

Saturday Evenings 5:00-5:45 PM

Topic: The First Letter of John
Leader:  Keith Dierking
Location:  Fellowship Hall, Classroom #1
Target Audience:  All Adults
Description:  This Bible study examines the first of three letters written by the disciple John, often described as the “love letters.”  1st John is full of “family” talk and he challenges his readers to love, faith and good works!

Sunday Mornings 9:30-10:30 AM

Topic:  A Man Named Martin: Part 2 – The Moment
Location:  Fellowship Hall
Leader:  Vicar Brad Wellik
Target Audience:  All Adults
Description:  This video-based Bible study examines the false teachings and wayward traditions of the Late Medieval Church. The class will witness the interplay of personalities and events that led to the Protestant Reformation. From purgatory, penance, and indulgences to the treasury of merits of Christ, Masses for the dead, and the Papacy, Luther and other reformers had a misinformation overload on their hands!

Topic:  I Am “N”
Location:  Fellowship Hall, Classroom #1
Leader:  Pastor Brighton
Target Audience:  All Adults
Description:  This video-based Bible study published by “The Voice of the Martyrs” answers the question: “What’s it like to live as a Christian among Muslims?” The letter “N” stands for “Nazarene” and when a Christian has this letter painted on their home, it means persecution is certain! The words sacrifice, courage, joy, perseverance, forgiveness and faithfulness will take on much greater meaning in this study.

Topic:  The Measure of a Man
Location:  Cry Room
Leader: Don Netzinger
Target Audience:  Men Only
Description:  Find out what true masculinity is in this study of Gene Getz’ best-selling book as the class examines the twenty biblical attributes of a godly man, drawn from Paul’s letters to Timothy and Titus. There are plenty of ideas for real-life application!

Topic:  The Wisdom of God
Location:  Cry Room
Leader:  Liz Hunter
Target Audience:  Women Only
Description:  The Wisdom books of the Bible (Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs) will be the basis for discussion about how God guides us, how to make sense of suffering and dissatisfaction in life, how to deal with emotions, our need to be loved.


Thursday Mornings 10:00-11:00 am

Ladies Bible Study

Topic: The Gospel of Luke
Location: Fellowship Hall, Classroom #1
Leader: Ministry Staff
Target Audience: Women of the congregation only
Description: This Bible study takes a walk through books of the Bible with the help of Pastor, the Vicar, and sometimes even Pete.  Currently they are exploring the Gospel of Luke.  Join them for a great discussion, insightful lessons, and uplifting prayer time!